Gurmukh Singh


LLB (Hons) (London) – 1989

Certificate of Legal Practice – 1990

Called to Malaysian Bar – 1991

Gurmukh Singh is an Advocate and Solicitor of more than 24 years standing. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons) from the University of London having completed his degree entirely as an external student. He thereafter pursued the Certificate of Legal Practice at University Malaya and was awarded a Second Class Upper CLP Degree. He read in the Chambers of the late Mr. G.T.S. Sidhu (past President of the Bar Council; Past President of LAWASIA) at the firm of Messrs. G.T.S. & Americk Sidhu, whereat he was retained as a Legal Assistant. He was subsequently made partner in the said firm. In 2004, the said firm merged with Messrs. Isharidah, Ho, Chong & Menon. Gurmukh then opted to set up his own practice under the name and style, “The Law Offices of Gurmukh Singh”. He maintained this practice up to 2011. Continued good relations with Messrs. Isharidah, Ho, Chong & Menon culminated in  Gurmukh rejoining the team in 2011. He is a valued member of our Litigation Team and handles a wide array of Civil and Criminal Litigation. He is revered by Judges and fellow Practitioners alike having conducted trials at every tier of the Court Hierarchy as well as having argued appeals regularly at the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.